MySQL 8.0 - auto increment feature gets fixed

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How InnoDB initializes AUTO_INCREMENT counters is actually not a bug, but a documented mechanism. There were some complaints and even people who lost data over this.
To initialize an auto-increment counter after a server restart, InnoDB executes the equivalent of the following statement on the first insert into a table containing an AUTO_INCREMENT column.
SELECT MAX(ai_col) FROM table_name FOR UPDATE;
InnoDB increments the value retrieved by the statement and assigns it to the column and to the auto-increment counter for the table.
With MySQL 8.0  this behavior is changed. The current maximum auto-increment counter value is written to the redo log each time it changes and is saved to an engine-private system table on each checkpoint. These changes make the current maximum auto-increment counter value persistent across server restarts. 
This change will make the use of automatic incremented primary keys and subsequent foreign keys a lot more dependable.

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