mysqlpump — A Database Backup Program

The MySQL 5.7 Release Notes  for version 5.7.8 are out. Besides the new JSON data type, there is also a new tool, called mysqlpump, which offers the following features:

  • Parallel processing of databases, and of objects within databases, to speed up the dump process
  • Better control over which databases and database objects (tables, views, stored programs, user accounts) to dump
  • Dumping of user accounts as account-management statements (CREATE USER, GRANT) rather than as inserts into the mysql system database
  • Capability of creating compressed output
  • Progress indicator
  • For dump file reloading, faster secondary index creation for InnoDB tables by adding indexes after rows are inserted
This is great stuff, however it's still a release candidate so let me point out a caution warning left by Morgan Tocker on his blog:
... mysqlpump is not currently consistent. That is to say that currently each of the dump threads lack a synchronization point before they start backing up the data. This makes it currently unsafe as a general purpose backup replacement.
Happy testing!


  1. Thank you for the tool review.
    It seems to be very useful. If all the features work well, I'll get the copy for myself. I think it would be a good solution for my data room software issues connected with user accounts and all the inner data.